Monday, 18 August 2014

Chest Dumbbell Exercises

If you plan to whip out your upper body into top shape, chest dumbbells exercises are for you. Today’s media influences on each and every one of us are so strong compared to the previous generation. With the presence of the internet, portable video devices and handy communication technology, it’s very hard to counteract the fast flow of information.

Just one of the greatest pressures that movies and television shows have put upon us is the compulsion of having the perfect body figure. Because Angelina Jolie looks like this and Brad Pitt struts like that, should we imitate them to become better people?

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As far as copying goes, it isn’t really a good thing that we base our every single breathe on theirs; but the reason why they are admired by the world is that because they can handle themselves beautifully. And to what do they primarily owe that to? Of course, it is their perfectly cut physique. A good body image induces confidence, and by extension, excellent health.

In men, one of the most popular places that they focus on is their chest. Again, as the media has imprinted in our minds, a true man’s frontal torso must have the perfect six-pack abs and hard-built chest. And how exactly do they achieve this classical macho look? Well, that’s how the chest dumbbells exercises come in.

Chest dumbbells exercises, as what they are also called, are series of physical movements (mainly on the upper body area) that make use of a set of dumbbells. For those who do not have the slightest idea on what dumbbells are, they are the miniscule version of barbells that you can easily find in any gym that you visit. The most approved form of chest exercise, especially for beginners, is the Dumbbell Chest Press.

It is done by lying on a typical bench, and securing a dumbbell in each hand. Then the dumbbells are slowly raised upward until they almost touch each other, it is not actually illegal to really make them collide. After that, the dumbbells are gradually brought back to starting position. The process is repeated, with high regard on the performer’s stamina and strength.

If you are serious with toning your chest muscles, there are many gym programs and machineries dedicated to such. But don’t forget to put chest dumbbells exercises on the list of exercises you will do.